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This is an FAQ page. I will try to answer some popular questions

FAQ Page

When do you start and finish normally?

Normally, unless we previously agreed on me shooting an earlier part of your day, I would start at the ceremony. Please inquire if you are in need my services prior to the ceremony, so we can discuss your needs in detail.

Do we receive all of the footage shot during the day?

Yes. Included in the price is all of the un-edited footage of the day with multiple chapter points. Please indicate whether you will require standard def DVD or High Definition Blu-Ray or both.

How many edits do we receive, along with our LOVE Video package price?

Your premium package includes a lot of nice extras for the money.

  • Of course, your own personal and very special wedding film, edited by me, with a creative flair and individual style for each couple.
  • Very stylish disc printing and unique artwork for each couple.
  • Several Family, and wedding party edits....with the Music of your choice.

You should be prepared to provide music titles and artists. DVD Menu music can also be unique. If any photos are to be used, please ensure the highest quality files you have are given.

Do you get most of your footage from our photographer's photo shoot?

Yes, normally most of the footage for your special wedding film is collected during the photographer's shoot session.

What format do you deliver the final video products and edits?

DVD, Blu-Ray, are the disc formats we deliver. As well, all of the edits are delivered on a thumb drive in H.264 MP4 compression. Different folders are provided for all modern mobile devices and tablet. You will have access to your beautiful wedding videos, wherever you are.

Is there a down payment required?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required on or before the wedding day.

The balance to be payed at the time of final delivery.