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April 14, 2014 – Caribbean Dream Wedding For Ryan and Dayna Hopf.

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When the plane took off and soared higher and higher, it was the foreshadowing to a beautiful Caribbean dream wedding. For one week, between April 10 and April 17, this wedding party was in full swing. Ryan and Dayna Hopf became Husband and Wife on Monday, April 14, 2014, with the ocean breezes of Punta Cana blowing softly on the shores.

Later in the evening, under the same full moon as the 2014 Blood Moon eclipse, all the guests and family enjoyed an amazing Caribbean seaside meal featuring traditional dishes, lobster tails and other seafood delicasies. The music was hot and the dancing non-stop, and it looked like the party would be hard to top. An amazing adventure I was honoured to capture and share with you all. Stay tuned for video from Ryan and Dayna's Dominican dream wedding.

Amazing Muskoka Dream Wedding

I must congratulate Lights On Romeo for what I consider EXCEPTIONAL, CUTTING-EDGE QUALITY PRODUCTION! Scott leaves the guests totally at ease, but the finished product Showcases the MAGIC in a way seldom accomplished. Editing is also notable as it provides Romantic ideas in a great clear story-line. Simply elegant, inspired and uplifting filmmaking.

Always use a combination of photography genre for your wedding photos! Use your photojournalism, black-and-white and portrait styles to convey every emotion of your day with panache!

Share your joy and excitement about your engagement. Create a Video of the actual engagement or select some perfect photos of the bride and groom and add a video announcement of your engagement. Use our Love or Wedding styles to add a professional touch.

Ben and Meg Brant's sweet summer Wedding 2013

LR Wedding Films

There is a common misconception that if your image isn’t tack sharp and free of motion blur then it isn’t a good image. I’d like to show you three ways you can use motion blur to add drama and interest to your photography. Misconception: motion blur in photography = a bad image I would disagree and say, not necessarily so! It really depends on the subject you are shooting and your intention as the photographer and artist. Using blur can add interest and show implied movement in the image. It can help add a feeling of speed. If your are shooting a subject like sports, for example, you have use a fast lens and fast shutter speed to freeze motion at the peak of the action. OR you can introduce intentional motion blur by using a slower shutter speed to add a sense of speed. Neither is right or wrong, they’re just different. You get to choose and if you aren’t sure, do both!

Panning is a technique for photographing moving subjects which allows you to get the subject relatively sharp, and blur the background. This adds a sense of speed and works particularly well when you have a background that is unattractive or distracting. The basics behind panning is you choose a slow shutter speed, and move your camera to follow the subject. Here are some tips on setting your camera for panning and giving it a try.